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Freight Forwarder

HNF Global Logistics offers more than just point A to B shipping and freight delivery. We can arrange everything in between, including customs brokerage, freight documentation, warehousing and more.

List Of Freight Services

The following is a summary list of HNF services, which can be provided exclusively or as part of a complete freight management solution, depending on your needs :

Sea Freight

HNF has built a strong reputation for its costal and international shipping and sea freight forwarding services, as both cost-effective and reliable. We have an extensive reach enabling client access to nearly all ports across the globe.

Air Freight

Need your freight delivered in the shortest possible timeframes? HNF offers comprehensive airfreight services around the world, including express or deferred delivery, insurance, and more.

Freight Documentation

A comprehensive range of freight documentation services are available to suit your specific needs, including booking confirmations, carter's notes, packing reports/declarations, cerficiates of origin, bill of ladings, phytosanitary certificates, fumigation certificates, and more.

Customs Brokerage

HNF offers seamless country and commodity specific customs clearance services and advice.

Freight Consultation

HNF offers a detailed consultation service to optimise your internal logistics processes and tailor a cargo care package to best suit your needs. This not only saves you time, money, and resources, but can improve the quality of services you provide to your customers.

International Freight

HNF offers a wide range of international freight forwarding services, resulting in greater control of consignments and ease of movement along the supply chain. We've partnered with logistics agencies all over the world to reliably and securely deliver your freight on time. For a detailed list of key destinations along with a range of services we provide.

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